Virtual Gallery Reflection

This blog post will cover my reflection of the Virtual Gallery I have created during term one. I will outline skills used and how they are relevant as well as an overall evaluation of other aspects that relate to this project. Bellow is a Video tour of my Virtual Gallery: When creating this project I’ve […]

Week 6 – The Player Experience

Although I’ve played many, many games that provoke an emotion response, one in recent memory that really made me think is Sarah’s Death during the opening sequence of the last of us. I think it was particular poignant because of how soon into the game it happens (within the first 20 minutes). During my first […]

Week 1 – The Player Experience

In this post I will be analyzing sound within the ‘For Honor E3 Announcement Trailer’ how its used to create meaning and atmosphere and some examples the techniques and practices used in the creation of sound for this trailer. I have embedded the trailer bellow for reference. Ubisoft. (2015). For Honor – E3 2015 Announcement […]