Virtual Gallery Reflection

This blog post will cover my reflection of the Virtual Gallery I have created during term one. I will outline skills used and how they are relevant as well as an overall evaluation of other aspects that relate to this project. Bellow is a Video tour of my Virtual Gallery: When creating this project I’ve […]

Week 2 – Still life box forms.

During this lesson, I looked at formal elements and how they can be used when creating still life art. The formal elements are pattern, colour, texture, tone, form, shape and line. I tried to recreate the following scene using various different mediums to see what effect each medium would give. The first medium I used […]

Week 2 – Sound Experiment

During this lesson we conducted several experiments/investigations about sound. The first was mapping the soundscape around college. I have added my images below. Mapping the soundscape involved conducting some primary qualitative research. The idea was that we stand in an area and map where sounds are in comparison to us. I also wrote down the […]