Virtual Gallery Reflection

This blog post will cover my reflection of the Virtual Gallery I have created during term one. I will outline skills used and how they are relevant as well as an overall evaluation of other aspects that relate to this project. Bellow is a Video tour of my Virtual Gallery: When creating this project I’ve […]

Week 2 – Box Paper Craft

What is 3D? 3D by definition is any 3 Dimensional Object. When drawing something 3D or using 3DS you are creating the illusion of 3 Dimensions in a 2 Dimensional Space. Different to creating a 3D Object with real tools, such as a 3D Printer or Clay. During this lesson we conducted research by primary […]

Week 3 – Psychology of 3D Models

During this lession, we looked at how lighting can affect the psychology of an environment. For example an environment, with low light could make the viewer feel, on edge, and potentially make them feel fear, games like amnesia are a good example of how lighting can be used in order to make a player feel […]

Week 1 – Mobile Phone Research Task

Primary Research: is completely new research carried out by the Researcher themselves, with the purpose of answering specific questions. This can be conducted via surveys, questionnaires or interviews amongst other methods Secondary Research: makes use of previously gather information for other purposes and is usually publicly available. Examples of this could be books, or TV […]