Week 6 – Social Media

During this lesson we explored social media as a form of marketing, promotion and networking. We looked into how Social Media can be incorporated into a Marketing plan for the launch of a game. There are various pro’s and con’s to social media however the Pro’s tend to out way the cons. One of the biggest […]

History of 3D

3D within Media has been around now for over 100 years. First being used in the late 1890’s when William Friese-Greene of Bristol England, first filled his original patent for Stereoscopic 3D. This technology would have an image broadcast onto two separate screen, having the audience wear a stereoscope would enable the image to converge creating the […]

Foliage in Games

In this blog post I will be comparing the uses of foliage in various games and how they have changed over time. Over the years, starting from the 1980’s, foliage began to take a bigger part in games however it often followed a ‘cartoony’ style, this was due to the limitations of the hardware itself. […]