About Me

Heath Ledger

My name is Luke!

I’m currently a student at Canterbury College studying a UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Games Development. I aspire to one day be one of the “best” in the games development industry, with my name being as well known as the likes of Todd Howard, Gabe Newell and Ralph Baer. One of my long terms goals is starting my own indie games company, or working for company like Ubisoft.

As you can see from the image I’m a big fan of Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker, I spend a good portion of my time when I’m not playing games watching movies, one of my recent favorites being  I love any form of media whether it be games, movies, TV or Music that leave you with questions. The Matrix, Looper and The Usual Subjects are good examples of the kind of Movies I really enjoy..

I have a passion for games and gaming, the story, the art, and an overall appreciation to the skill required to make them. This blog will document my progress throughout college, with work outside college also being uploaded.