Research (Unfinished)

Space Themed Horror

The general premise of this idea is that the player is trapped in a room, during earths first try at colonization of another planet. These rooms are programmed so that the doors shut during an emergency and the aimed of the game is to find a way to escape, whilst listening to events happening outside the room. The Genre of this game would probably be escape/horror as I’m hoping to have the player fear being stuck in the room.

The best platform for this game I believe would be mobile due to how short it is, people on Console or PC I don’t feel would be happy with such a short game. The target audience due to the nature of this idea would be 15+ Or 18+ dependent on how much violence this idea includes.

Horror’s are trending within the games industry at the moment especially with the attention brought to them through youtuber’s. Some of the threats for this project could be that the final project is rather dull, or doesn’t

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