Project Type Ideas (Unfinished)

Over the past year I have learnt and improved upon an array of skills that would aid in the creation of my project. Skills learnt within 3DS Max will enable me to create the 3D Models for my environment as well as how to UV Unwrap them ready for texturing. I have improved upon my skills within Photoshop and now know the use’s of various maps for texturing, this will allow me to not only texture the 3D Models I create but also to have them fit to a specific style and theme.  Other skills that I will use within this project are sound editing using software such as audacity, if I am to include sound within my environment. Skills learn’t within Unreal Engine 4 Will enable me to bring all elements of this project to perform a complete piece as well as to implement things such as mechanics and lighting.

This project could arguably fit within pre-production, production and post-production processes of creating a creative media product (or game in this instance). Planning for the project, brainstorming and research and concept would all fit within pre-production stages of a games production cycle. Within the industry lead games designers may brainstorm ideas for the game whilst receiving information from Research and Development. When the idea is finalized the idea is then passed on to a concept artist who would recreate a visual representation of the idea. The game would then move into production, which is where I’d begin working on my 3D Models, Textures, Sounds and I’d start to integrate them into the engine.

Project Type Requirements:

To complete my project the first things I will need to do will happen during pre-production

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