Legal Requirements and Health and Safety (Unfinished?)

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Copyright protects your Intellectual Property in the UK all you have to do to protect your intellectual property with copyright is to right it down. When creating a project like this here are some of the do’s and don’t when it comes to copyright and intellectual property.

Do, keep plenty of documentation for your project and the development of all idea’s related to it. Do ensure that you have permission to use any original works that aren’t’ your own. Original works are other peoples intellectual property and if you fail to get permission they would have every right to take you to court for plagiarism or copyright infringement.

Don’t assume that just because a piece of art isn’t marked as being copyrighted, you have free reign to use it. Doing so would also be classed as copyright infringement.

Contracts and Commission

There are three main types of contracts, freelance (usually project based and cover commissions), fixed term for an agreed upon time frame and permanent essentially until you leave or get fired from the job.

Do, ensure you thoroughly read through any contract you are asked to sign. Do ask for adjustments to you contract if you feel like its unfair to either party. Do speak to a lawyer when signing contracts especially when it comes to large commissions. Do ensure that your intellectual property remains yours until you have received payment.

Don’t sign a contract without reading it. Don’t hand over copyrights of your intellectual property before you’ve been payed.

Health and Safety / Risk Assessment 

Although there are not a large number of immediate health and safety risks some do need to be taken into consideration for instance, stress, RSI, eye strain are just a few that could come with using computers a lot on a regular basis. Things such as the systems themselves could potentially pose a health and safety risk to yourself and others.

Do ensure your chair is properly adjusted so that you do not receive any neck strain as a result of looking up or down at a monitor. Do try to keep food and drinks away from electrical appliances where possible. Do ensure that all cables, bags and other trip hazards are tucked well out of the way to prevent you or anyone else from falling. Do have all electrical appliances regularly checked for faults.



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