Final Idea

During the feedback session, I got some great feedback on all three of my idea’s, although a lot of them were more suggestions or warnings as to how some parts of the idea’s could contain a large amount of work. For my first idea the ‘Space Pod Idea’ – people suggested that perhaps I turn it into more of an escape game in which the player would have to escape the room. They also mentioned that I should consider the amount of assets that I would have to make for this particular project and any engine work involved. My second Idea is a variant on the Space Pod but with a difference in that the players character wouldn’t be sane an although trying to escape from what seems like danger, but in reality turns out to be imagine by the character. The feedback given for this was similar to that of my first idea, that I would need to consider the amount of assets I’d need to create, how much texture work I’d need to complete and how to fit it within the time-frame.

I got the most feedback for my third idea, which is based in a cell, within an asylum. For these purposes I’ll call it ‘Isolation’. The idea is to create an experience for the Gear VR that puts the playing in the shoes of a patient, suffering extreme symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder (now known as Disassociative  Personality Disorder). The Idea isn’t to tell to much of a story but more so show the player how sudden a switch between personality’s can happen and clearly distinguished each character is. As each different personality take’s “the spot” the room around the player will change to reflect that personality’s interests. For instance when the Child Personality is on the spot, the room may change so that it no longer looks like a cell but more so a child’s playroom, I plan on using lighting and sound to make the transitions between personality’s as seamless as possible. So of the feedback I received was that I need to limit myself on the amount of personality’s I choose to create as this could potentially, become a rather large and incomplete task if I don’t, within the given time frame. Another suggestion I received was to have speech to go with each character, this speech would consist of flashbacks from the personality’s life, thinks they’ve seen, key events and so on. I think this idea could work quite well as it will allow me to get across to the player, who this personality is and what part they took in the eventual imprisonment. One suggestion was to have the Core personality, almost high with the tranquilizers that had been administered to keep the character calm. This could be achieved through post-processing effects although is more of an afterthought and I don’t feel it should be focused on until the core elements of this project are complete.

I have chosen Isolation as my final idea, for  a few reasons I feel that given the time frame creating this concept experience is completely possible so long as I limit myself to just a few personality’s, it will give the opportunity to develop for a device other than a PC as well as experiment with parts of unreal engine blueprints that I haven’t been able to before such as timed events. I also really want to use this project to try and get across to the player just how serious mental illness can become, as well as try to highlight exactly what its like to suffer from MPD. I also like the idea of researching more into people who have suffered from this condition such as Billy Milligan – (famously known in the psychology world for his 24 personality’s). I also feel that if I were to make this project full scale with an entire environment around the player changing based on which personality is “On the Spot” – It could really succeed on the VR Market – Whether that be for Occulus stores or other platforms like steam.

In terms strengths, weakness and threats to this project ~

I feel that with the skill sets that I have through this course, such as 3D Modeling, Texturing and Engine work are strengths of mine, although given the nature of the project I will have to research more into Unreal Engine blueprints and find out how to create timed events, I feel this could be a threat to the project but could also work as an opportunity to learn new skills and to build upon previously known ones. A weakness of mine is sound editing, its not that I’m bad at it, I just don’t enjoy it and so tend to leave sound to last minute – however this could pose a rather large risk to my project as it rely’s quite heavily upon the sound aspect of the project, to accurately portray each personality.

One of the threats to this project could be public opinion it could be misconstrued or misunderstood, do to the sensitive nature of the topic being discussed. Another threat is learning to make the game for the Gear VR although the basic principle is the same, testing it is completely different. This is a risk as well as an opportunity to learn. The thing I find most difficult is time management, probably one of my greatest weaknesses when it comes to this project.


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