Research (Unfinished)

Space Themed Horror The general premise of this idea is that the player is trapped in a room, during earths first try at colonization of another planet. These rooms are programmed so that the doors shut during an emergency and the aimed of the game is to find a way to escape, whilst listening to events […]

Legal Requirements and Health and Safety (Unfinished?)

Copyright and Intellectual Property Copyright protects your Intellectual Property in the UK all you have to do to protect your intellectual property with copyright is to right it down. When creating a project like this here are some of the do’s and don’t when it comes to copyright and intellectual property. Do, keep plenty of […]

Project Type Ideas (Unfinished)

Over the past year I have learnt and improved upon an array of skills that would aid in the creation of my project. Skills learnt within 3DS Max will enable me to create the 3D Models for my environment as well as how to UV Unwrap them ready for texturing. I have improved upon my […]

Research Tasks (Unfinished)

Multiple Personality Disorder (Dissociative Identity Disorder) Research into Multiple Personality Disorder (now know as Dissociative Identity Disorder) this is an important part of my project, as I’d like to accurately try and represent what its like for a person who suffered from MPD. I’d hope from this research I can find out, the key symptoms and […]

Final Idea

During the feedback session, I got some great feedback on all three of my idea’s, although a lot of them were more suggestions or warnings as to how some parts of the idea’s could contain a large amount of work. For my first idea the ‘Space Pod Idea’ – people suggested that perhaps I turn […]