Week 3 Term 2 – Skills Portfolio #3

This post will include the audio recording that I have made for my bunker. It was recorded using a headset microphone. Then it was edited using audacity to try and recreated the sound qualitys of the phonograph.

In reflection I found this task fairly difficult, as I had to to try and pick out the subtlties of the phonograph in order to incorporate them into my audio log. The researching process, for finding sounds similiar was relively easy as alot of videos on youtube, showed the sound on the original device. Creating a charecter wasn’t to difficult as with my group we first discussed the kind of story we wanted and the created charecters to fit around the narative. The script came fairly easy as I spent some time thinking about my charecter the motives for what he did and why he recorded the audiolog. I wasn’t extremely happy with the outcome as I feel I could have done a much better job, I feel I could improve upon this by spending more time in the future editing the audiolog.

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