Week 2 Term 2 – Skills Portfolio #2

How could sound be used in 1975 to tell a story/narrative in your bunker?

During this blog post I will discuss the Devices that can be used to play audio within my bunker, the charecter I have created and the script to go with my charecter (to be played via the audio log.) The Device will be used to play an audiolog of the charecter I have created.

The Audio Device I have chosen to use in the bunker is the phonograph, this is because it was invented in 1877 so fits roughly within the timeline. The time difference doesn’t matter to much as the tesseract may have been used to aid in advancing technology. Bellow is an image of Edisons Phonograph invented in 1899. The sound quality on this device isn’t great this is partically due to the fact that the sound was recorded on wax or foil. For theses reason the sound has a crackly quality and has a tendancy to sound faint and nasaly. This is something I will have to take into consideration when editing my audiolog.

My charecter, Henry Jones is the bunkers sole maintance worker, he’s responsible for maintaining the tesseract powered generator in the bunker. He’s a fairly social person, however spends an aweful lot of time in the his room alone (the generator has to be constantly monitored.) Due to this is often feels quite isolated and holds a grudge towards certain members of the bunker, because of the experiments they are conducting.

Bellow is the roughly 30 second script I have created for my charecter:

“This is Henry Jones, Maintenance Manager for *the only known resistance bunker still running. This is a message of unconditional surrender.


 No more can I stand by and listen to those soldiers, their pain, theirs cries for help. I can’t allow this to go on. Death would be a mercy for these men. Doctor Stringer thinks he can ‘enhance’ them. I’ve told him it’s simply not possible, that it’s inhumane, that he’s playing god and man was created the way they were for a reason.


And that’s why I’m sending this message, ensure it reaches Napoleon, the bunker is located underneath Canterbury Cathedral arrive at 700 hours on the 23/03/1873. Ensure these experiments cannot continue through whatever means it takes.  The hatch will be left a jar and I will be gone. Ensure the Commander (Insert name here) pays for what he’s done.”         

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