Virtual Gallery Reflection

This blog post will cover my reflection of the Virtual Gallery I have created during term one. I will outline skills used and how they are relevant as well as an overall evaluation of other aspects that relate to this project. Bellow is a Video tour of my Virtual Gallery:

When creating this project I’ve found myself learning and developing various skills these include 3D Modelling using software such as 3DS, Photo manipulation and Texturing using Photoshop and Sound Development and Video Editing skills using Audacity and Adobe Premiere. This project also gave me the opportunity to further develop core skills such as organisation and planning. Through using some of the software I’ve also learnt some basic blueprint ‘Coding’. During the course of this project I’ve learnt learnt the Fundamentals of Environment and Level Design. Something also of great importance was learning the difference between Primary and Secondary research and how to research in the case of secondary and conduct it in the case of Primary.

All of these skill are relevant within the Games Industry. All of the skills used above can be used when creating a game for various platforms including mobile (Android, iOS), console, PC and VR. They remain applicable when working for Independent Developers or Triple-A Studios although the latter tend to have you specialise in one. Video Editing for instance is used a lot when creating CGI Trailers for games or cutscenes. 3D Modelling is used to create assets within a game and skills with photoshop are used to texture them and create promotional material such as posters or cover art. Sound Development and Editing is used to source, edit and record sounds which could later be used within game tittles.

The skills above prepare you for various roles in the Games industry such as an Audio Engineer, Games Artist and Film/Video Editor. The Pro’s of a career accommodate an above average starting salary, opportunities to work with in a team and the potential to advance and grow within your field. Con’s of working with in the Games Industry include tight schedule and deadlines to work with, which in some situations could lead to stressful work environment especially close to the end of a project.

One of the way I ensured that my work was completed by the deadline was by making sure I had my work organised and backed up in several locations, this way if there was a technical issue I wouldn’t have to go back and lose hours of work. The gallery itself was planned and researched way before I started work on it which also helped towards completing it on time.

To ensure safe working practices one of the things that was key was to take regular breaks, I also made sure that all cables were out of the way so as not to cause a potential accident. When working on a computing I made sure that my seat was adjusted properly so that my eyes were in line with the top of the screen to prevent eye or neck strain. All drinks had sealable tops to ensure they couldn’t be spilt or cause any damage to surrounding electrical appliances.

  1. How did you use audio and visual language (objects, textures, lighting, colour and sound) to create a particular meaning in your virtual gallery? How does this compare with examples from the industry?

I used Audio and Visual language such as objects, textures, lighting, colour and sound to create meaning in my Virtual Gallery by trying my best to mimic that of their real world counterparts. For example in the 2D Room, I tried to recreate the look of an actual gallery by having white textures of the walls, this way it draws attention to the Art (In the case my 2D work) which was framed in the room as it would be in a real gallery. I also sounds to create meaning, for example in the foliage room/area you can hear the sounds of bird, this helps to create the feel that the player is outside surrounded by foliage where birds would be. In the Cinema room I used lighting to create the feel of a Cinema by having the luminescence of the screen light up the room. All of these were using to create a realistic meaning to gallery and helping the player feel like they’re actually in a gallery.

If I were to change to meaning to perhaps a horror theme, I’d use different lightings specifically less of it perhaps textures that create a feel of decay. I’d also use sounds that put the player on edge, making them very abrupt or very subtle. I could have used darker colours within the textures and lighting also on the flip side perhaps light textures and bright lighting create quite a ‘spooky’ feel as it juxtapositions what the player would be expecting.

Some of the Primary Research I conducted was at Westgate Gardens in Canterbury, this was for the foliage room and I used a Camera to take photos which I could reference later on and sounds using a recorder which could then be used within the foliage room after editing. An example of the secondary research I conducted was looking at the Louvre Virtual Gallery for the Nintendo DS, this was conducted using a computer to watch videos on youtube and gave me an idea of how virtual gallery’s had already been created. I could see what was good about them and potentially what I could improve upon in my own gallery. I also looked at a lot of images online to reference what certain places looked like and how they would fit within a realistic theme, such as gallery’s, parks and cinemas.

The Research I conducted helped to plan my Virtual Gallery, I drew up an asset list based on a lot of the research I conducted of sounds, models and textures I wanted to include within this project. The research stage of this project was highly important because without it I believe I would have struggled in creating the theme and meaning that I was going for.

In conclusion, I’ve learnt a huge amount from this project both in terms of skills and about myself and there are a lot of things I’d like to improve upon in the future. I need to work hard on my organisation skills as reach deadlines was a struggle. My research could be improve by starting it earlier or spending more time on it, potentially building profiles on what I want to include. This is an important factor in planning which again I believe I could have spent more time on. I believe I also need to be stricter on myself and complete work as soon as possible rather than rushing to reach a deadline and therefore putting more pressure on myself. If I improve on the things mentioned I believe that I could produce a much higher standard of work in the future.

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