Term 2 Bunker Reflection

  • Explain planning, production and post-production techniques and processes you used to create an effective media product that will present and promote your idea to targeted audience?

During this project, I used planning techniques such as mind mapping, creating mood boards and researching to help ensure I created an effective media product that promoted my idea to the selected audience in this case 12+. In terms of production, I created models within 3DS Max using reference images, before texturing them using Photoshop. Used sources online to source textures and sounds before editing them in their respective programs (Photoshop or Audacity).

  • Describe you project?
  • What were you goals and expectations?
  • What is challenging, different and interesting about my media product?
  • Who is your ideal target audience?
  • Why the audience should see, listen, use my media product?
  • What is the message of my media product?
  • How your creative decisions help communicate message?



Bellow is the first video I have recorded of my bunker:


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