Week 2 Term 2 – Dev Diary #2

This week we began brainstorming ideas for our Bunker this included features, theme and location. Things like location could potentially affect access to water, rubbish disposable and other things relevant to living within a bunker.

Bunker Location

As mentioned above when choosing the location of our bunker we had to consider things like access to resources, disposal, safety and whether the location could potentially give a tactical advantage.

After going through ideas for various locations we landed on Canterbury Castle.

The reasons for this are because it would have been around at the time of Napoleon and during the 19th Century where this game is going to be based. Its close to the river, which is incredibly important for access to water and if it came to it the river could also be used for disposal purposes. Being underneath a Castle although half destroyed, would also provide a tactical advantage.

Mood Boards

We were tasked with creating four separate mood boards covering various aspects of the bunker, they were as follows:



Creating this Moodboard allowed me to get a greater idea of where our bunker would be located and how that would affect the overall look and feel of my bunker.

Set Design and Props:


These are the kinds of props I would like in my room, as we are going for an abandoned theme, alot of the the items will be damaged, worn or missing completely. Alot of the above props I will also most likely use as reference images.

Lighting and Style/Theme:


The photos above all capture at least one of two things, the low light environment I’m going for, or the sense of abandonment, damage left unfixed for years on end. I feel like walking into my room should be like stepping into a time capsule to the past, only altered, by nature and potentially looters.

Inspiration and References:

When I create my Bunker, I believe I’ll be taking heavy inspiration for the games/concepts above. The Last of Us is great for showing how mother nature can affect an environment over time and I’d like to take inspiration from that when creating my bunker. The Division is great for similar reasons, but more so on the man made side, a lot of scenes and building within the game show how people could potentially affect abandoned buildings. I noticed in the last of us the environment feels a lot more passive, whereas environments in the division, you can really tell something bad happened.

This exercise as a whole I believe was beneficial to our team as it really helped us to open up communication and voice all of our opinions on what our bunker should be.

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