Week 1 Term 2 – Skills Portfolio #1

During this week we focused on creating a compass that could be used within a bunker environment. This was quite interesting to make especially as it was one of the first assets we’ve made in which we really had to consider things like Tri-count.

We first as with any asset being made for use in the UE4 Engine, started by changing the unit measurement within 3DS Max to CM, although the asset can always be re-scaled later its better to have it correct first time. We used a Champfer cylinder and changed the height until it was the correct base shape for the compass design we were going for. We then extruded inwards to ensure the compass had a place for the needle and the face of the compass. We then changed the smoothing groups so that the compass had rounded edges.


After finishing the main body of the compass we started with the inner area, using a small cylinder as the pin in the middle of the compass. To create the needle I created a plane and connected two of the edges in the middle so that I could connect two of the points to make a diamond shape. I then made some finer adjustments to the positions of the vertices so that one side was longer than the other (Representing north and south).


For the final stage of the body I created the hoop and the top of the compass. I started by adding a cone, to represent the piece of metal attached to the compass and scaling it the appropriate size. I then used a champfer cylinder, as the piece that the hoop goes through and again, scaled it appropriately. For the hoop, I used the torus, scaled it to the correct size and changed the values, till a managed to get a good balance between low tri count and a clean looking model, before moving it into place.



The last stage of creating the model, was to create the glass that covers the face of the compass. To do this, I used the poly selection tool to remove the majority of the bottom half of a sphere. This left me with an almost lens shaped object, that I scaled along the Z Axis to flatten it out, before scaling it along all axis and moving it into place.


Its worth mentioning, the look of the glass is only temporary and doesn’t display very well within 3DS Max.

In conclusion, I believe I have created a fairly good model of a compass suitable for use within our environment, however I think I could have done a much better job on creating the needle, potentially adding some more detail. Essentially, its my texturing I feel I really need to work on in the future I plan to improve upon this by practicing texturing at home, whilst looking at various tutorials.


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