Term 2 Bunker Reflection

Explain planning, production and post-production techniques and processes you used to create an effective media product that will present and promote your idea to targeted audience? During this project, I used planning techniques such as mind mapping, creating mood boards and researching to help ensure I created an effective media product that promoted my idea […]

Virtual Gallery Reflection

This blog post will cover my reflection of the Virtual Gallery I have created during term one. I will outline skills used and how they are relevant as well as an overall evaluation of other aspects that relate to this project. Bellow is a Video tour of my Virtual Gallery: When creating this project I’ve […]

Week 2 Term 2 ā€“ Dev Diary #2

This week we began brainstorming ideas for our Bunker this included features, theme and location. Things like location could potentially affect access to water, rubbish disposable and other things relevant to living within a bunker. Bunker Location As mentioned above when choosing the location of our bunker we had to consider things like access to […]