Week 7/8 – The Louvre

In this post, I’ll be discussing the Pro’s and Cons of a Physical Gallery vs a Virtual one. During the lesson we looked at the Louvre App/Game made by Nintendo for the 3DS. The video bellow briefly covers the app and how it is used in the museum. There are a few Pro’s and Con’s in […]

Week 2 – Still life box forms.

During this lesson, I looked at formal elements and how they can be used when creating still life art. The formal elements are pattern, colour, texture, tone, form, shape and line. I tried to recreate the following scene using various different mediums to see what effect each medium would give. The first medium I used […]

Week 2 – Box Paper Craft

What is 3D? 3D by definition is any 3 Dimensional Object. When drawing something 3D or using 3DS you are creating the illusion of 3 Dimensions in a 2 Dimensional Space. Different to creating a 3D Object with real tools, such as a 3D Printer or Clay. During this lesson we conducted research by primary […]

Road to my personal Media Career.

This post will act as a comparison between Full-time and freelance lance contracts. Its important to know the difference between the two with the games industry as most of the employment available will be in Full-time and Freelance positions. It will also come in helpful due to the fact that the games industry is quite […]