History of 3D

3D within Media has been around now for over 100 years. First being used in the late 1890’s when William Friese-Greene of Bristol England, first filled his original patent for Stereoscopic 3D. This technology would have an image broadcast onto two separate screen, having the audience wear a stereoscope would enable the image to converge creating the […]

Foliage in Games

In this blog post I will be comparing the uses of foliage in various games and how they have changed over time. Over the years, starting from the 1980’s, foliage began to take a bigger part in games however it often followed a ‘cartoony’ style, this was due to the limitations of the hardware itself. […]


Copyright is given to anyone one who has created original work to protect them against theft of intellectual property. This applies to any form of original work including Music, Film and Books amongst others. In the UK as soon as you create your own original work, its copyrighted, if someone were to steal your work, […]

Week 3 – Psychology of 3D Models

During this lession, we looked at how lighting can affect the psychology of an environment. For example an environment, with low light could make the viewer feel, on edge, and potentially make them feel fear, games like amnesia are a good example of how lighting can be used in order to make a player feel […]

Visually responding to Music

During this exercise we spent some time visually responding to Music. This music enraptured various artists and genre’s and is a form of primary research. Artists/Songs we listened to are as follows: Scottish Bagpipes, Metallica, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Aqua, Opera and Dr Dre. For the most part, I think I drew scenes that that […]

Week 2 – Sound Experiment

During this lesson we conducted several experiments/investigations about sound. The first was mapping the soundscape around college. I have added my images below. Mapping the soundscape involved conducting some primary qualitative research. The idea was that we stand in an area and map where sounds are in comparison to us. I also wrote down the […]

Week 1 – The Player Experience

In this post I will be analyzing sound within the ‘For Honor E3 Announcement Trailer’ how its used to create meaning and atmosphere and some examples the techniques and practices used in the creation of sound for this trailer. I have embedded the trailer bellow for reference. Ubisoft. (2015). For Honor – E3 2015 Announcement […]

Week 1 – What is sound?

For larger image click here. Sound in games has changed monumentally over time, it continues to change and advance consistently becoming a bigger part in games. Take the sound on most NES games for instance, sound could not be recorded in formats such as MP3 or Flac and was limited by the NES’s 8-bit chip. […]