Key Concepts for Media

Analysis of Bioshock Infinite Institutions: Developers – Irrational Games, 2K Marin, Aspyr, 2K Australia. Publishers – 2K Games Industries: Media Product – Games Industry Audiences: Bioshock Infinite (Mainstream) Representation: Radical, Fantasy, Genre: Action/Adventure, FPS Narrative: Rescue? Religious Text + Meaning: Religious, Moral, War Diff Products: Bioshock 1 & 2, Borderlands PC Gamer. (2010). Bioshock Infinite announcement […]

Week 2 – Road to my Personal Media Career

The role of the Level designer is to create using software such as 3DS Max the architecture within a game. This includes, buildings, objects and objects within the game. They are also responsible for integrating it into the games engine. The use an overall design specification to ensure the architecture within the game matchs the style […]

Week 1 – Mobile Phone Research Task

Primary Research: is completely new research carried out by the Researcher themselves, with the purpose of answering specific questions. This can be conducted via surveys, questionnaires or interviews amongst other methods Secondary Research: makes use of previously gather information for other purposes and is usually publicly available. Examples of this could be books, or TV […]

Week 1 – Deconstruction of a landscape

Photographers to take images of the area, buildings may be measured (or exact height found out through research) so that the scale is correct. Images, along with scale will require concept artists who will create concept art based on the reference images and the style of art required for the game. This in turn will […]

A Company that inspires me.

Although I take inspiration from a variety of individuals and company’s if I was forced to narrow it down to just one company it would, without a doubt be Ubisoft. This is for several reasons, one I’m a huge fan of the Assassins Creed Series, I love the continuity of the story throughout their games. There’s […]